What is Voice Search Optimization

As more and more devices are introduced into the markets with integrated voice-based AI, the demand for voice search optimization increased. As the term suggests, it is about making sure your page is optimized for voice-based queries. This involves multiple steps such as:

- restructuring your content to become more conversational,
- targeting the long-tailed keywords,
- leveraging the My Business listing in Google,
- speeding up the page loading time,,
- optimizing the mobile-responsiveness of your pages

Voice search optimization is simply a step-up from the text-based search where you optimize the content for a question instead of a specific keyword. This provides more refined search results.

27% of the Global Online Population is using
voice search on mobile
4x Active users of the Google Assistant
grew 4x over the past year

How We Do It

  • Business Listing Optimization
  • Content Strategy
  • Website Speed Optimization
  • Long Tail Keyword Targeting

A sound strategy to rank you better for voice search queries

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